The Offshore Banking in Mauritius

The Offshore Banking in Mauritius

In all major currencies, including the US dollar, the UK Pound Sterling, the Euro, and the South African Rand, the HSBC Bank in Mauritius offers offshore multi-currency deposits, high yielding personal and fixed term accounts. Interest earned is not subject to withholding tax. Interest rates are tiered and set on a regular basis.
The HSBC electronic banking system provides the best international money transfer services available. The most up-to-date banking technology is used, including communications and payment systems that allow fast identification and credit of remittances in all major currencies.

HSBC has a wide variety of trade finance products and services. These facilities are designed to meet the needs of offshore trading firms (see the website for details). Bills discounting, syndicated and cross-border loans, project and capital financing, and short to medium term finance are only some of the multicurrency corporate lending services available in Mauritius.

Barclays Offshore Banking Unit is a full branch of Barclays Bank Plc in the United Kingdom in Mauritius. Around 2500 corporate and personal accounts are maintained by Barclays Mauritius. International inward and outward transfers, interest-bearing call accounts, structured deposits, currency, multi-currency check books, foreign exchange, and custody services are just some of the services provided by banks.

The offshore banking subsidiary of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation operates in Mauritius as a branch of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Limited and as a member of the HSBC group. Personal banking, trade finance, corporate and investment banking, electronic banking, cash management, treasury and foreign exchange, and securities custody and clearing services are among the services available.

These Mauritius Offshore Banking Units have divisions staffed by people who are familiar with all of your personal and business banking requirements. They will help you pick the best account kit for you, which will alleviate some of the uncertainty. These programs are not free, but they are typically inexpensive.
Mauritius has a presence in the Seychelles as well. Barclays and Nouvobang are their partners. Many of their customers have accounts with Barclays in both the Isle of Man and London. Barclays has been in commercial banking for over 300 years and has a high credit rating as well as a global reputation for its extensive range of services. They collaborate with Dexia Banque Internationale, a Luxembourg SA, in Luxembourg. This is a full-service bank with a multi-national workforce that was established in 1865. They specialize in meeting the confidential banking needs of companies. They collaborate with a number of banks in Switzerland, including Union Bank of Switzerland.

You would, in reality, be able to choose which bank you want to work with. You should look at each bank’s offshore banking accounts to see what they have to sell. You will be able to customize the ideal offshore bank account package for your situation if you select the right offshore bank. A Mauritius offshore banking account may be just what you need to meet all of your personal and professional goals. As you can see, there are a lot of Mauritius banks to choose from, so you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to bank account packages.

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